Pediatrician. Mom Expert. Fit Doc.

 Dr. Alison Mitzner

Pediatrician. Mom Expert. Fit Doc.


Alison Mitzner, MD

Hi! I’m Dr. Alison Mitzner. Single mom of 2, board-certified pediatrician, writer, fitness expert, Sr. Director at a major pharmaceutical company, and passionate supporter of moms feeling calm, confident, and healthy. 

Whether you found me by chance, or you’ve seen my work on platforms like The Huffington Post, Today, Shape, Self, The Everymom, Aaptiv, Parents, or Reader's Digest... I’m so happy you’re here. Over my pediatric and professional career, I’ve had the chance to work with over 6,000 patients and reach millions of people with my fitness, health, and wellness advice for moms of all types—new, single, stay-at-home, working, and just plain busy!

I truly believe healthcare for your baby and your family includes YOU - the mom!  My favorite topics to speak and write on are family health, mom wellness, postpartum, fitness, acupuncture, alternative wellness, and more!

I’m here to help moms—like you—with real, science-backed advice and parenting tips so you can feel great, parent with confidence, and get back to your most important job… being a mom!

Headshot of Dr. Alison Mitzner in black suit, a New York City-based board certified pediatrician, mom, fitness expert, and media contributor

You may be wondering how I came to do this work…

It’s a story I love to tell. Read on!


Dr. Alison Mitzner in gray suit on New York City rooftop, a board certified pediatrician and family wellness expert

Becoming a Doc:

I was born on Long Island, New York and as a child—I loved to sing, act, dance, and play sports. I was always passionate about fitness and movement.

I also loved learning deeply about humans. 

When I grew up, I decided to become a doctor and went to Syracuse University for Medical School, then did my pediatric residency back on Long Island, NY.

From there, I practiced general pediatrics for five years at a private practice in Manhattan. I also supervised and taught resident physicians and medical students at multiple New York City teaching hospitals where I admitted and examined newborns and pediatric patients.



I loved being a doctor but I wanted to impact more people!


Dr. Alison Mitzner sitting on the floor with her son, mom expert helping parents feel more confident about their abilities to care for their families

About five years later, I moved into the pharmaceutical industry and held various safety and regulatory roles, where I had the opportunity to lead safety teams and mentor physicians globally. I found working in pharma so rewarding because I was able to help patients not only 1-on-1, but also on a scale of millions across the globe. (And now, I’m a Senior Director and Medical Oversight Lead for the same company, 13 years later).

And alongside my medical career… I got married and pregnant! 

During my first pregnancy, while I technically knew the answers to all the usual questions as a doctor, I saw all the parental challenges that moms go through: the exhaustion, the anxiety, the stress, the sleeplessness, and the questions that the “beautiful journey” of becoming a mom could cause. 

I started to search for more answers to these topics… but the information out there was often wrong, or there were too many articles/sources, or the medical info was just plain boring.

Dr. Mitzner meeting Dr. Oz where he recognized her calming presence and demeanor

Dr. Mitzner meeting Dr. Oz where he recognized her calming presence and demeanor

I found my new love for writing Mom Blogs

And I thought... if I couldn’t find advice easily and if the info out there was really boring (and I *love* reading boring medical documents)… there must be a better way to present this information. I realized I already had access to the answers and the ability to write in a clear way. 

So, I started writing for my friend’s site, MommyBites… and then I wrote for BigCityMoms… and then GetHealtyStayHealthy… and I kept writing more and more articles. Big publications and media outlets started requesting interviews and articles from me!

Finding Alternative Medicine

During my first pregnancy, I was also suffering from extreme headaches. No doctor, neurologist, or professional was helping — when someone recommended I try out acupuncture until an underlying cause was found. So, I tried a few sessions… and it worked! Over the next years, I began to practice acupuncture, reflexology, mindfulness, and more (all in conjunction with western medicine) — and my symptoms improved so much. What I used to think was “Hocus Pocus” was actually helping me.

The treatments I experienced brought me into such an incredible level of calm I named my daughter “Serina” after the experience. Not only did they help me during that pregnancy, but the benefits extended to my second pregnancy, postpartum and my current life! I still use these practices daily for myself, my children, and suggest it for families, friends, and more. Alternative medicine changed my life and help me raise my children in a peaceful, positive way. 

Dr. Alison Mitzner with her son and daughter, offering parenting and fitness tips for moms
Dr. Alison Mitzner in a navy blue workout outfit and white tennis shoes, fitness guru, mom expert, postpartum wellness tips
Dr. Alison Mitzner working out with weights, fitness advocate and mom expert

Being a Fit Mom

Physical health is so important to me and I have been active and fit for most of my life. Fitness is my mind, health, and sanity-saver.

I also made sure to stay active and fit throughout my pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I would always feel better and more energetic whenever I moved. 

Fun Fact: My water broke with my first child when I was on the elliptical!  

To this day, I love practicing, studying, and teaching others about all types of fitness and movement activities. Being so passionate about fitness even led to me being in the Fit Doctor competition in 2018. I made it as one of the Top 5 Fit Docs in the country—where we helped to set an example for family and personal wellness.

I love sharing easy, quick fitness routines and exercises with busy moms so they can stay in shape, lose the baby fat, and just feel so much better as they move through mom life.

Dr. Alison Mitzner working at her desk on her laptop in a blue shirt, becoming a mom expert source for parents

Becoming a ‘Mom Expert’ Source for Millions of Parents

After my 2nd pregnancy in 2013, I began to write even more than before (I would squeeze time in after work and late at night once my kids went to sleep).

At this point, despite my career change, I still had constant questions coming my way from friends and family members about everything from working out during pregnancy to nutrition to sleep issues to breastfeeding to getting back into shape postpartum to behavioral challenges with kids... and so much more. 



I realized again: parents have access to too much information and it caN be confusing and overwhelming. 



The more I wrote, the more I fell in love with helping all types of moms and families around the world. I wanted moms to get accurate, science-backed information from a pediatrician who practices what she preaches. I wanted to share information from the experience of knowing the ins-and-outs of medicine, motherhood, and wellness.

Magazines, media outlets, and websites kept calling and emailing — from 2017 on, I had 100+ requests for publications, interviews, and podcasts!


Moms... I’m here to help you! 

The girl who loved to sing, dance, and play sports... became a pediatrician, fitness enthusiast, and mom expert (who still loves singing, dancing, and sports)!

Now, I get to weave my knowledge of pediatrics, parenthood, fitness, and alternative medicine into a resource hub for moms across the world to get the most accurate and effective information on self-care, parental care, wellness, and more.

Dr. Alison Mitzner in black suit, pediatrician, mom expert, fit doc
Dr. Alison Mitzner at Frozen on Broadway with her daughter and son
Dr. Alison Mitzner in black sports bra, camo pants, and hat, fitness enthusiast and family wellness expert
Dr. Alison Mitzner with her son and daughter, dressed up in costumes, offering parenting and wellness tips for moms

So I want to thank you for visiting today. 

It’s my mission to help all moms (and their families) feel calm, confident, and healthy.


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